The Happy Cig

OG distribution is an online company, providing the best all in one-vaporizer pens to vape users all over the world. We provide high-end multi-purpose vaporizer pens. oil vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers, good for the veteran vaporizers and vape newbies. Our Happy Cig vape pen has interchangeable components that allow vaporizer users to utilize the pen for concentrates such as wax, oils, e liquids or e juices and also dry herbs.

We realized that the traditional method of smoking is outdated, smell terrible and has greater adverse effects on your health. Here at O.G. Distribution (Creators of the vape pen, The Happy Cig) we put our minds together to bring the vape world an e cigarette vaporizer pen with options. Providing Happy Cig users with the ability to use a variety of substances in a healthier, virtually odorless and multi use vaporizer pen.

The Happy Cig Vaporizer is 4 1/8 inches long and 5/8 inches wide. We created a mini vape pen that works every time so that you can vape any type of e liquid, wax, oil or dry herb anywhere.

Enjoy vaping with The Happy Cig. Enjoy huge clouds of flavor.

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