The Happy Cig - All In One VaporizerOG Distribution, makers of The Happy Cig, is a company started by 3 guys who were sick of having to carry around multiple devices just to be able to vape. Here to revolutionize the smoking culture, we want to convert all of those unhealthy clouds of smoke you see into vapor and we want to do it by consolidating all of your devices into one small, sleek tool that slides right into your pocket.

We wanted something that could do it all. When you are done with your dry herbs or concentrate and you want a few puffs of e-Liquid you can just pop off one chamber, put on another and never miss a beat. There is no longer a need to carry around two or three different devices, The Happy Cig does it all.

The Happy Cig, using the Dry Herb Chamber is an empowering alternative method of consuming plant materials. It extracts the active ingredients by using a heating element to heat it up (instead of burning it using a flame), resulting in zero combustion and eliminating both smoke and second-hand smoke.

As with all vaporizers, The Happy Cig utilizes conduction heating – heating the plant material through direct contact. When using the Chamber for Concentrates you are still getting the same positive results as with plant material. It works by drawing air through the sides of The Happy Cig (through holes on the silver band), past the heating element, and over your concentrated oil inside the chamber. When the oil heats up, it begins to liquify before vaporizing completely. Using the e-Liquid atomizer you fill the chamber surrounding the heating element with your liquid of choice and instantly enjoy the huge clouds of vapor that it produces.

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