The Happy Cig Components

 The Happy Cig Vaporizer  e-Liquid Clear Atomizer Chamber Dry Herb Vaporizer Chamber  Concentrate Chamber
 The happy cig    e-Liquid Atomizer   Dry herb chamber     Concentrate chamber



Heats Never Burns

Drastically reduces or totally eliminates release of hazardous substances and compounds most common when smoking.


No Secondhand smoke

Just Pure. Clean. Vapor.


Save your lungs for singing in the shower

According to Studies, users who are concerned about the respiratory hazards of smoking are strongly advised to use vaporizers.


Smell? What Smell?

Because it is vapor and not smoke, your cloud dissipates a lot faster leaving you and your room smelling better than fresh cut grass on a summer day.

As with all vaporizers, The Happy Cig utilizes conduction heating – heating the plant material through direct contact.