Frequently Asked Questions


General questions about The Happy Cig®.

How do I install it?
  • Fully charge the battery with the included charger
  • Fill chamber marked “H” with Dry Herbs chamber marked “C” with
  • your concentrate using the included dabber. The clear e-Liquid atomizer should be filled on the side of the heating element leaving 25% space at the top
  • Install the knob cover only onto the chamber with Dry Herbs, installing the knob cover onto the chamber with concentrate will cause it to clog
  • Install the mouthpiece onto the chamber
  • Connect the mouthpiece and chamber onto fully charged battery

How do I turn it on?

Press and hold down the ☺. The ☺ will turn orange indicating that The Happy Cig® is working and you can begin to draw/puff on it. The vapor will become thicker and thicker as the substance inside the chamber gets hotter.

What is the lockout feature, how do I use it and why?

The lockout feature allows you to ‘lock’ your The Happy Cig® vaporizer. This prevents unauthorized use, especially if you have minors around. To enable the lockout feature press the ☺5 times.

The Happy Cig® is equipped with a 5 click protection/lockout function. If you have disabled the device and the ☺ does not glow when you hold it down, press it 3 times in rapid succession to unlock and resume use.

Warnings and Tips
  • Only use included charger, any voltage higher than 5.5v/500mA will cause damage to the unit
  • Keep away from flammable items especially acids and combustible materials
  • If the J on the battery flashes and the device does not produce vapor, recharge the battery
  • To avoid decreasing the life of the battery, wait until all power is discharged before recharging
  • When The Happy Cig® is not in use, detach the battery from the heating chamber and store properly

What is The Happy Cig?

It is an electronic vaporizer.


How to care for your Happy Cig®.

Where do I get the user manual?

Most of the usual manual is covered on this FAQ page, and a copy is included with your The Happy Cig kit, though you may also download a digital copy here: The Happy Cig User Manual (digital copy).

When do I need to clean it?

Included you will find a brush for the dry herbs chamber. After your herbs have been vaporized, remove them and clean out the chamber with the brush. The chamber included for concentrates will need to be replaced after approximately 400 puffs.

How do I charge it?

After plugging the charger into the bottom of the battery a red light will turn on. Once the light turns off your battery is fully charged.

How do I clean my Happy Cig?

The best way to ensure optimum performance and longevity of The Happy Cig is to perform simple cleaning procedures on a regular basis. The most important process lies in the removal of any excess essential oil residue from the connection point of the battery. Simply take a cotton swab, soak it in isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and gently wipe away any of the excess essential oil residue that may have collected there. With The Happy Cig, it is also important to remove any excess essential oil residue from around the base of the titanium cylinder, on the outer part of the coil. If you notice this excess essential oil residue collecting anywhere, simply engage in this process as necessary It will effectively prevent any loose connections between the battery and the coil while keeping the mouthpiece sanitary.

Do not SOAK any of your components (Chamber, Battery, Charger) in any type of cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol.

Do not clean the inside of the Chamber, the area where the heating element lies. The heating element will essentially clean the inside of the chamber by burning away any of the excess essential oil residue.

The Chambers have an estimated life of four weeks for the average user.


I know my battery is charged but when I press the ☺ it does not light up

Press the ☺ 3 times in rapid succession, you have probably enabled the lockout function

When I draw/puff on The Happy Cig© using the “C” chamber I am getting concentrate pulling through the mouthpiece

Concentrates that are too thin or runny at room temperature or poorly processed will leak out of the chamber. It is recommended that a substance is used that will liquify with heat and thicken at room temperature.

I draw/puff on The Happy Cig® and the light flashes when I press it

The battery is probably low and needs to be recharged.

I draw/puff on The Happy Cig® and the light turns on when I press it but I do not get any vapor

Make sure the heating chamber and the battery are well connected.